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Where the Hell Have I Been!

Yeah, I have a baking blog and yeah, this is the most anticipated time of the year for baking. Cookies, Cakes, Breads... Everyone has been baking like crazy. I have seen amazing photos on Facebook and Instagram. Everyone has their baking face on.

I love it!!!

I too have been baking. I even took last Friday off just to bake Christmas Cookies. It's just different this year. I won't be sitting around the Christmas Eve dinner table with the usual Christmas Eve suspects. Stuffing our faces with the most delicious meal of the year. And then trying at least one of all the cookies on the table, like we even need to eat more.

I could not get my baking face on.

I baked, but I wasn't feeling it in my soul. Have you read "The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake" by Aimee Bender? The main character can taste the emotion in food. Last Friday I was concerned that I was not baking happy.

Last Friday's bake consisted of Brown Sugar Shortbread, Anisette Balls (similar to the Anginette), Cherry Almond Cookies (Recipe from Library Cooking Group), the Striped Cookies, and the Seven Layer Cookie. And much to my surprise they all came out tasting fine.

But I did not take any photos last Friday. A real professional blogger move!

On Sunday I put on a fresh apron and headed into the kitchen. I was going to get back in the spirit of the season.

Did I mention the hedgehog cookies?? Too damn cute!

I baked a Cinnamon Crackle Top Cookie, this could be a new family favorite. I made my Mom's recipe for Chocolate Crackle Top Cookies. And I made an Old Fashion Sprinkle Cookie. Another favorite.

Unlike Friday, on Sunday I was excited about the cookies. I had my baking face on.

All the cookies are all baked and delivered.

Hopefully next year I will be able to enjoy them with the usual suspects.

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