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  • Lucia Borzillo

Thank You Carlo's Bakery

No baking this Friday night. Why? This is why.

This week was my husband's birthday. I was planning on baking a cake, but last Saturday I was watching The Great British Baking Show and Chris mentioned a cake from Carlo's Bakery that he saw on Goldbelly, the food delivery service. He thought it was pretty amazing It was a rainbow cake. That is when the idea popped into my head. I thought I would see what the caked looked like and then I would bake it myself.

I went to Goldbelly and saw the cake and thought no problem I can do this! But then I am starting to remember the amount of work there was this week and made the intelligent decision. I ordered the cake from Goldbelly.

The box was delivered to work on Tuesday, no way would I let our home FedEx person leave it at the house. If it was raining the box would be soaked, this happened to the Zuppardi's Pizza order from Goldbelly or they would leave it at the start of the driveway where it might be run over... Sorry, our package delivery at home is iffy at best.

Chris was very happy when walked in the house with Carlo's Bakery box.

I have to tell you the cake is fantastic!!!! Just delicious. Even the frosting was great!!!

My favorite cake layer was the purple one. In one bite you to cake, frosting and sprinkles!

So we will be eating this for a few nights.

When I was placing the order on Goldbelly I added two lobster tails.

They are in the freezer waiting for a weekend morning.

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