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  • Lucia Borzillo

Steel Cut Oats Breakfast Biscotti

Nope. Nope. Nope.

Sorry but no.

Yes, I made Steel Cut Oats Breakfast Biscotti.

Easy enough of a recipe.

But it was like eating cardboard.

It might be just me, and my husband, but not a fan at all.

Not a fan to the point that I won't even share the recipe.

If you want to try the recipe google the title.

You may like them.

Actually, when I googled the title, just to see if the suggestion worked, other recipes came up without the steel-cut oats...

I think it was probably the steel-cut oats that turned me off.

Heck, I like grits and farina and flax seed but this just did not work for me.

They needed more flavor.

I used dried cherries, walnuts, and almonds.

The mix smelled good and when they came out of the oven the aroma was quite nice.

I had high hopes...

But I will take a scone over these any day.

See you next Friday night...

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