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  • Lucia Borzillo

Lenore To The Rescue

Let's just sum up Friday's activities to include 2 funerals and a full day of work.

Do you see any baking taking place at the end of that type of day? Yeah neither did I.

But do not fear! My sister dropped off some Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, some Anginettes, and Pignoli Cookies before she headed to Maryland to visit her grandkids.

I do not have the recipes. The pignoli cookies were mindblowing. I think she chops the pignoli nuts. The flavor was over-the-top good.

The Anginettes I think is my Mom's recipe = Delicious. And if that was not my Mom's recipe I really need to get a hold of it.

The pie. Let's just say it. I am a pie crust snob. My sister makes the best crust that I have tasted since my Mom's. I like my crust recipe but her's is really good. Flaky and light!!!

Loved the filling too. Strawberries. Perfect. Rhubarb. Perfect. Not sure if that was from their garden.

About the funerals. Two of my Mom's cousins passed away on the same day this week. And of course, the funerals were also on the same day. I decided that I had to represent the family and go to both.

My Mom and her cousins had this thing called a "Cousin's Club". All the female cousins would meet up every couple of months at a different person's house. I loved when they met at our house. My Mom would pull out all the stops. She made all these cool things. Spiral sandwiches with I think cream cheese in them. Finger food type stuff.

I remember the house being filled with laughter, lots of talking, and lots of good food!

It is sad to see two of the last three surviving cousins pass on. What a generation they were. And amazing cooks!

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