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Christmas In July, Or A Rainy 4th of July Weekend.

Updated: Oct 18

I will start with a disclaimer. I have a nephew who is visiting from California with his family and I wanted to make cookies for them. They do not get out here at Christmas so... I decided to make Christmas Cookies. The Bulls Eye, Snow Balls, and Anginettes were baked. Even the Seven Layer, AKA Rainbow Cookies, were baked.

I decided to go with the red, white, and blue theme instead of the Christmas red and green. I even baked a couple of new recipes. The Italian Lemon Braided Cookie and the Pistachio Ricotta Cookie. Add some Jordan Almonds and it looked like a Wedding Cookie Tray!

Welcome to Connecticut!

Links for The Recipes-



Pistachio Ricotta Cookies-


Italian Braided Lemon Cookies-


Bulls Eye, or the Striped Cookie, this is an amazing Martha Steward recipe that I have been using since the 1990's-


The Anginette's, My Mom's Recipe-


The 7 Layer Cookie-

I used this recipe, but I used Almond Paste in place of the Almond Filling. I liked the results.


After baking time for a cat nap...

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